New design of Recty PET food containers

New design of Recty PET food containers

One of the main challenges for those involved in the design of PET food containers is to ensure that the properties of fresh food are properly maintained. From the study of this need at Hot Form we have developed Recty: the family of PET and OPS food containers.

Our Recty PET food containers, designed to preserve fresh food such as meat, sliced meats, fish and cheese, can meet any requirement, guaranteeing fresh food an excellent shelf life, maximum resistance to impact and low temperatures.

In this article we will get to know the Recty family of PET food containers, highlighting their main features and uses. We will then present the new design of the product line, created to guarantee greater convenience in storage and use.

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Features of Recty PET food containers

Recty’s PET and OPS food trays are ideal for containing cold foods, such as meat, sliced meats, fish, cheese, and fluids, such as sauces and gravies. The line includes rectangular trays with hinged lids made of PET and OPS, designed for the needs of deli counters. In addition, the product range includes PET food containers with one or more compartments, which allow the different foods contained to be separated, thus avoiding contamination and maintaining freshness and taste.

The user-friendliness and customisation possibilities of PET food containers and OPS Recty make it easier to organise and display food on deli counters, making it easier and more attractive for customers. In summary, Recty’s PET food containers are the ideal choice for deli counters, offering strength, convenience and functionality in the containment and display of fresh food.

Thanks to our in-house customisation workshop, we are able to meet the most specific requirements, designing and manufacturing custom-made PET food containers with a multi-compartment design for greater convenience during packaging and distribution.

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The redesign of Recty PET food containers

A new, more efficient and versatile design. The new design of the Recty family of PET and OPS food containers was recently presented. What are the main differences?

  • Innovative and practical design
  • Greater enhancement of the food contained
  • Increased convenience in storage and use
  • Better containment of fluid foods, such as sauces and gravies

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Hot Form’s new PET food containers have been designed with environmental impact in mind. The material used to manufacture the tray is fully recyclable, reducing the environmental impact of plastic waste. In addition, the rectangular design of the tray allows for greater efficiency in the storage and transport of foodstuffs, likewise reducing the environmental impact of transport.

Recty’s new PET food containers are ideal for use in a wide range of food applications, including the food industry, catering, food service and large-scale retail trade (GDO).

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Our PET food containers at Tuttofood 2023

Recty’s new PET food containers were presented to the public at the Tuttofood trade fair in Milan, which took place from 5 to 8 May. Tuttofood Milan is the b2b trade fair for the agrifood ecosystem, an international reference point for the food and food packaging sector.

The new design, functionality and advantages of Recty’s PET containers for food met with enthusiasm from operators and visitors, who appreciated the product’s great practicality.

For more information on our PET and OPS Recty food containers, download the product catalogue and enter the world of Hot Form.