Packaging solutions

We meet the needs of each sector

We produce a wide range of solutions, capable of adapting to the requests and features of each customer.
All HOTFORM containers ensure an optimal protection of food, extending its shelf life, reducing food waste and the environmental impact.

Our production, with a high level of automation, and the flexible warehouse, are perfectly capable of responding to the commercial emergencies of our customers and the differing needs of industry, Large-scale Distribution and wholesalers.

The ability to customize products quickly and punctually, thanks to the internal realization of the moulds, is one of the important advantages of choosing HOTFORM for the production of food packaging. We are a real benchmark in the sector and a reliable partner always available to create the best solutions quickly.

Retail Distribution

Transparent Freshness

We produce a wide range of packaging and solutions to ensure the freshness and proper conservation of both fresh and hot food, and of the ready meals distributed by Large-Scale Distribution.

Food Industry

Packaging for every need

Tailor-made packaging solutions for each type of industrial production. We take care of everything, from the design, to the mold up to the realization.


Ready-to-use containers

Tubs, bowls, salad bowls, trays and much more. 6 ranges of ready food packaging for those who want a quick solution.