Packaging for every industrial need

The passion for packaging is in our history and in our future.

In over forty years of continuous innovation, our main goal has always been to make high quality products based on the requests of each customer.
We do this with a cutting-edge technical design, an entirely internal realization of the moulds, a production of millions of pieces by optimizing the raw material used.

We turn the customer’s needs and demands into reality, realizing plastic containers that are perfectly ready for the production lines of the food industries.

Among our customers are any productive sector: from confectionery industry to the production of fresh food, vegetables and fresh-cut and frozen salads. All specific and delicate areas, which require high quality and hygiene standards, as well as maintaining precise parameters to optimally store food, preserving its taste and nutritional values.

For each production sector we can offer packaging that respects the highest levels of food safety such as tubs, containers with different airtight closures, plastic boxes of any size and for every single storage need, ensuring the perfect maintenance of food even during production and transport.

Our research laboratory constantly develops new solutions to meet the needs of such an important and rapidly evolving sector, offering a range of products that are increasingly performing and attentive to every specific production requirement.

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