Regarding wholesale sector, we specifically dedicate containers divided into six different ranges, for all the needs of any sector. In addition to the stores, we can also cover the requests of the Ho.Re.Ca. sector, with a wide range of products that perfectly maintain the freshness and taste of each food.

We can make tubs with or without lids dedicated to gastronomy, catering and pastry-making, as well as bowls and salad bowls for fresh-cut and frozen products, and trays for ready meals and much more.

All HOTFORM products for wholesalers are available in different raw materials, both virgin and recycled, such as OPS, PET/rPet, PP, PP DEEP FREEZE, PP/EVOH/PP, PS.

We have no production limits: from weldable containers to tubs with lids, from trays to bowls, up to plates, we can meet any size, capacity and function requirement.
Our range of products is in fact ideal both for containing fresh and hot food, ready meals, desserts and baked goods, salads and the increasingly requested take away, offering high quality solutions, with an excellent preservation guarantee, simple and comfortable to use both for the store and for the final consumer.

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