Our history

HOTFORM began its long experience in 1976 and it is now one of the most prestigious companies in the sector of moulding thermoplastic materials – such as PET, OPS, PP and bioplastics – for the production of containers and packaging in the food sector.

We have always been distinguished by the high quality of products and materials handled, as well as the use of cutting-edge technologies and a control guaranteed by an impeccable internal procedure, extensively tested thanks to experience and constant drive for innovation.

The timely assistance and the attentive and scrupulous customer service are further advantages that make us a trusted partner in the sector, available to fully meet the requests of those who choose us, always aiming for excellence.

As far as production is concerned, we offer both standard and customized and tailored items based on the customer’s needs. All this thanks to a structure designed to comply with the parameters of the BRC – Global Standard for Food Safety – ready to respond in a precise and timely manner to multiple needs of the current market.


HOTFORM has decided to constantly invest in production, the heart of the company and the result of high technology and continuous innovation, a dimension that guarantees our customers greater results and benefits.

Each planning enables us to always have warehouse stock, a great advantage as it allows our customers to find the items they are looking for immediately available.
Over the years, we have successfully tested a set of systems and services that result in a high-quality finished product and, for those who wish, in customized items, custom designed and created to meet any need.

Nowadays, HOTFORM is a company formed by nearly one hundred professionals and about 17,000 square meters of factories divided between offices, workshop, warehouse, raw materials storage, machinery and loading/unloading area. The desire to always be projected towards the future, by choosing cutting-edge technologies, allows us to offer our customers only the best in the production of food packaging. A path that has also led us to seize the opportunities offered by Industry 4.0, with a view to the continuous development of production processes, to make them more and more agile, rapid and precise, concretely increasing the quality of products and further expanding our offer.

The tight and precise planning also allows us to guarantee absolute compliance with delivery time, one of the cornerstones of HOTFORM, while the constant updating of our specialized staff ensures a high-level assistance service.

In a complex historical moment like this, we strongly wanted to believe in the importance of investing with determination and courage in new technologies and staff training. A winning choice, which allowed us to achieve significant growth in company turnover in 2021, with an increase of 20%.
The development of HOTFORM was also the result of the installation of two fully robotic packaging and labeling islands, a success both in terms of hygiene – in fact there are no contacts with operators – and of product control, which guarantees very high standards of mechanical resistance, transparency and thickness. Furthermore, the labeling in two languages is perfectly in line with commercial and legal tracking needs, also facilitating the transparency of information for the final consumer.


The circular economy is the only possible way for HOTFORM.
Increasingly sensitive to respecting and protecting the environment, we have decided to invest in renewable energy by helping to lower global consumption, committing to a line aimed at increasing sustainability.

Our main goal is the attention to waste, which has allowed us to achieve an important result in our production cycle: all the material is always reused, thanks also to our PET extrusion process.
It is an advantageous closed-loop system which, in addition to satisfy the internal production requirements, creates a virtuous cycle through the use mainly of production scraps to obtain 100% recyclable PET. This resource reuse model allows us to reach the most ambitious goal for HOTFORM: zero waste!