Custom Packaging

One of the main advantages of relying on HOTFORM production is undoubtedly the possibility of creating tailor-made and customized plastic packaging solutions for food.

Our internal mechanical workshop, equipped with high-tech machinery and lathes, takes care of the creation as well as the maintenance of each individual mold.
That’s why we can become a real partner of the food industry and large-scale distribution, by designing and manufacturing all the moulds that meet the needs of our customers in-house.
From the idea to the finished product, we always ensure very short production times and with the utmost attention to quality and innovation of the production process. In fact, internal production allows us to guarantee a constantly controlled and very high quality supply chain.

HOTFORM specialists follow every step of realization with competence and experience, starting from the initial request and examining all the important aspects for the customer. In fact, we are capable of analysing not only the needs of the food that will be placed in the packaging, but also the capacity and functioning of the production machinery of the industries for which we work, taking into account consumption, transport, necessary quantities, volumes of products to be collected and frequency of withdrawal, with the aim of guaranteeing ever more precise quality, high performance and optimized costs.

Each customization service includes the creation of a sample, which will be analyzes by the customer to check that it meets every required parameter, before moving on to the creation of the molds based on the render.

The internal production of the molds allows us to immediately react to changes requested by the customer and to switch production very quickly, avoiding companies to suffer significant blocks and time deficits.
Furthermore, we also always ensure the correct maintenance of the mold, to guarantee a perfect realization of the products, with the highest quality level.

The custom production of HOTFORM is curated in every detail, including the customization: we can in fact affix the customer’s logo, brand, writings or any other graphic element requested to the mould.



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