For more than 40 years our company’s mission has been to preserve and protect the freshness of all food products. Extensive experience in the production of containers for the food industry, combined with constant quality control and continuous research on how to innovate the design and production, lead us to do our job with the utmost professionalism and competence. Our focus on understanding and fulfilling the needs of customers allows us to study and develop the best tailor-made solutions in our laboratory equipped with the most advanced equipment and instruments.

Our Values

Safety and Environment

For us, corporate sustainability is not only imperative for competitiveness, but also represents the deep conviction that everyone can make a difference by becoming responsible for their own impact. We put this into practice by making conscious choices regarding the materials, renewable energies and processes. An example? All our PET trays are made of 90% recycled material, in partucular the part that does not come into contact with food, so as not to compromise safety. Moreover, the energy produced by the cogeneration plant allows removing about 1,650 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere: the equivalent absorbed by 35,870 trees, equal to about 120 hectares of land planted with trees.

Zero Environmental Impact

Renewable Energy

Low impact of carbon dioxide





90% Recycled