HotForm Laboratory


We make use of an internal laboratory to qualitatively and constantly monitor the material produced in all lines, as well as to check the quality of the materials purchased through accurate and technological procedures.
The laboratory currently has three employees and latest generation tools.

Our research and development department is committed every day to achieve a more effective and quality treatment of raw materials, with the aim of offering to customers an increasingly wide range of products and customization options.

Major investments in cutting-edge machinery and technologies, such as fully automated end-of-line robots and two different automatic pelletizing lines, respond to the precise desire for continuous improvement, both in the offer and in the production itself, with a view to continuous optimization of processes.

The crucial focus of our laboratory is the recycling industry.
Although production has necessarily changed after the Covid-19 pandemic, and in particular today due to a global lack of availability and increasingly higher costs, HOTFORM is constantly committed to ensuring the presence of a high percentage of recycled material in its production. In addition to the development of cutting-edge technologies to facilitate the recycling, we are also committed to researching alternative materials to plastics that ensure the necessary food safety standards.

The technical department, with highly skilled hardware and software designers and mechanics, and the HOTFORM quality managers are always looking for new techniques to be patented to improve the products made, guaranteeing those who choose us increasingly performing food containers, able to to facilitate the work of manufacturing companies, and to meet the favour of final consumers.

In the realization of our products, we can also ensure the rigorous study and compliance of important quality parameters such as material thickness, colour, clearness, presence of impurities and packaging closure, capable of making a great difference both in the industrial sector and in the large distribution.

Being able to count on a research department always available is a significant advantage, which ensures the excellence of HOTFORM production and great speed in adapting to the different production needs of the customer.