HOTFORM began his long experience in 1976 and today is one of the most prestigious companies in the moulding of thermoplastic materials (PET, OPS, PP and Bioplastics) for the production of containers in the food industry.
Product quality and customer service have always distinguished HOTFORM as well as the use of advanced technologies and a quality control system by an internal procedure widely proven.

As regards the range of products the range of HOTFORM is articulated in standard and bespoke products. The corporate infrastructure has been developed to come within the parameters of the BRC, and ready to meet all market requirements.


The Production

HOTFORM has decided to invest in the production as it is the heart of the company and the result of high technology and innovation. This dimension guarantees greater results and benefits, for example, every programming allows us to always have inventories, which will allow the customer to find the items always available. Systems and services that translate into a finished product of high quality and, for those who want it, in a customized product, designed and created according to specific requirements.