Plastic food containers: Large-scale Organised  Retail Chains, Industry and Wholesalers

Plastic food containers: Large-scale Organised Retail Chains, Industry and Wholesalers

At Hot Form we have been designing and moulding plastic food containers using recyclable and recycled materials for over 40 years. We care about the environmental impact of our business, which is why we operate according to sustainable development principles.

Producing plastic food containers means making conscious choices, which is why we have eliminated all waste by reusing waste material to produce new food packaging. Our PET plastic containers are made of 90% recycled material on the inside and 10% virgin plastic on the outside.

We pay attention not only to the materials, but also to the processes and energy used. For example, thanks to the energy produced by the cogeneration plant, we avoid the emission of around 1,650 tonnes/year of CO2: the equivalent absorbed by 35,870 trees, which equates to around 120 hectares of woodland.

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As a trusted partner to Large-scale Organised Retail Chains, Industry and Wholesalers, at Hot Form we produce a plastic food container that best meets the needs of each customer. We guarantee punctual delivery and high availability, offering both standard stock items and customised plastic food containers.

The sectors we target

The Hot Form plastic food container guarantees optimal protection of food, extending its shelf life and thus reducing food waste and environmental impact.

Thanks to the high degree of automation and internal flexibility, production is able to respond to commercial emergencies and the different needs of Industry, Large-scale Organised Retailers and Wholesalers.

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Plastic food container for Large-scale Organised Retail Chains (GDO)

Compliance with quality standards, timely delivery and certification of materials and processes. Our plastic food containers effectively respond to the challenges posed by Large-scale Organised Retail Chains, guaranteeing the perfect preservation of the food they contain.

Furthermore, aware of how important the container is as much as what it contains, we are committed to creating solutions that enhance the value of the food contained.

Plastic food containers for industry

Hot Form plastic food containers not only meet the needs of the Large-scale Organised Retail Chains, they also address the industrial sector. Our customers include various production markets: from the confectionery industry to the production of fresh food, vegetables and salads of the third and fourth range.

For each production sector we can offer plastic food containers that comply with the highest levels of food safety, such as trays, containers with different hermetic closures, plastic boxes of any size and for any storage need, ensuring the correct preservation of food, even during transport operations.

The right plastic food container for your needs
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Plastic food container for wholesalers

Finally, the Hot Form plastic food container is also aimed at wholesalers, retail outlets and the HORECA sector. Products are available in different raw materials, both virgin and recycled, such as OPS, PET/RPET, PP, PP DEEP FREEZE, PP/EVOH/PP, PS.

The plastic food containers we offer are functional and convenient to use, both for the point of sale and for the end consumer, and are ideal for containing both fresh and hot food, ready-to-eat foods, desserts and baked goods.

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