Plastic food trays: a conscious choice

Plastic food trays: a conscious choice

Protecting your food”, this is the new slogan of our company, which for years has been committed to the fight against food waste, with a focus on sustainability and recyclability. In this scenario, the important role of food packaging emerges, which, thanks to its ability to extend the life of products, or shelf life, is a valuable ally in the fight against food waste.

At Hot Form, corporate sustainability is not just a factor of competitiveness, but a deep conviction that everyone can make a difference by becoming responsible for their own impact. We put this into practice with a conscious choice of materials, renewable energies and production processes.

An example? Our plastic food trays are made of 90% recycled material in the part that does not come into contact with food, so that their safety is not compromised.

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vaschette in plastica per alimenti

The advantages of plastic food trays

At Hot Form, we manufacture plastic food trays from selected materials that make the product 100% recyclable. Below we present the main advantages that plastic packaging provides in food preservation.

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Plastic food trays reduce food waste

According to the Waste Watcher International Observatory on Food and Sustainability survey, the value of domestic food waste in Italy in 2022 will be around EUR 6.48 billion per year.

It is therefore clear that there is a need to use plastic food trays made of materials that guarantee food preservation for longer, protecting it from external contamination.

That is why at Hot Form we pay great attention to the planning and design of our plastic food trays. In this way we ensure the supply of practical, sustainable and highly functional plastic food trays.

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Plastic food trays for added security

It is essential to protect food from external agents such as gas, humidity, insects, microorganisms, light and air pollution. In addition, food packaging made from plastic materials does not affect the natural flavour of the food it contains.

Hot Form plastic food trays are highly functional, thanks to systems that help to seal and preserve the contents excellently, as well as absorbing impact energy during transport, being much more resistant than other materials.

Plastic food trays and recyclability

For over 40 years, Hot Form’s mission has been to preserve and protect the freshness of food, while paying attention to recyclability.

Company decisions and investments have been carried out in full compliance with Italian and foreign regulations, but also with the precise desire to anticipate medium and long-term national objectives, in a proactive vision of the sector. In this way we can make an essential contribution to improving the world we live in, while maintaining the high quality and safety of our plastic food trays.

Excellent packaging quality not only means better preservation and durability of food, but also more effective use of the packaging itself and above all easier disposal, to the benefit of the environment and consumers.

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Extensive customisation of plastic food trays

Finally, the properties of plastic allow for a high degree of product customisation. At Hot Form, we have an in-house laboratory for customising our plastic food trays to meet our customers’ needs. That is why we can become a true partner for the food industry and large retailers.

From design to finished product, we ensure short lead times and the highest attention to quality and innovation in the production process.

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At Hot Form, we strongly believe in a company that knows how to grow responsibly, being able to produce in a way that respects our planet. For more information about our plastic food trays download the product catalogue and enter the world of Hot Form.