PROJECTED TO THE FUTURE: Hot Form towards industry 4.0

PROJECTED TO THE FUTURE: Hot Form towards industry 4.0

Hot Form’s 2021 began in the name of innovation.
Although the pandemic has brought uncertainty to numerous sectors, it has not stopped our plans and investments to improve products and services, and motivates us to achieve new results. In fact, 2021 will see us engaged in the transition to industry 4.0.
The goal of our company, which already has BRC Packaging DNV GL ISO9001 certification, is to gradually implement the transition to the management of productive processes according to the principles of industry 4.0.
This means focusing on the key elements that will be the basis of the fourth industrial revolution and that will lead to the industry of the future, that are:
• automation;
• information;
• interconnection of processes.

The first step was taken in October last year, when we installed in our premises the first fully robotic packaging and labelling island for PET food containers.
Next to this machinery, a second robotic island is arriving in our factories already in the first months of 2021.
Packaging islands are essential to guarantee our customers:
• maximum hygiene: operators never come into contact with the products;
• quality control of the product in the production lines;
• better management of labels, as both those in Italian and in foreign languages ​​may contain more information.
A necessary step both from a commercial and a legal point of view.

These machineries will bring fundamental improvements to our industry and our work, because on one hand they will ensure greater consumer safety with regard to possible infections and on the other hand they will guarantee the transparency of the product and services.

The implementation and completion of Hot Form transition to industry 4.0 should be completed by 2021.

To these objectives, Hot Form has set itself to reach another milestone for this year: the implementation of the Circular Economy, as well as new investments for production plants for 100% recyclable PET products from recycled material.
Two fundamental steps to be an eco-friendly and sustainable company and, above all, to become a 4.0 company in all respects!