The advantages of our production cycle

The advantages of our production cycle

Production is the beating heart of HotForm; that’s why we are constantly looking for technological innovations that allow us to grow while staying faithful to our desire to protect the planet.

HotForm differs fundamentally from other companies in its internal production cycle: everything, from the idea to the final packaging, happens within our company in Tombolo.

What are other advantages that make our company truly unique and perfect for our customers?

  • Internal production and production planning allow us to always have stock available.
  • Internal production allows us to have systems and services that create a constantly monitored andhigh-quality supply chain.
  • Customized products have a cycle and are produced in extremely short time frames.
  • We respect the environment in a real and specific way, using renewable energies.
  • We are a ZERO WASTE company. Our expertise has allowed us to create a CLOSED LOOP system in which recycling is an essential element. Using this process, as part of which all waste materials for the finished products are reused, we produce new high-quality and certified products.

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